Safety Basics

The best way to control claims costs is to not have any claims! To that end, our program includes services to help you find and prevent workplace hazards, thus reducing the risk for injury or illness.

From a required accident prevention plan to workplace safety resources and safety consultations, we provide you the tools you need to build and maintain a strong safety culture.

Accident Prevention Plan

Every employer in Washington State is required to create a written Accident Prevention Program (APP) to address the safety and health hazards found in their workplace. 

Participants in our program receive a comprehensive APP template, taking a lot of the stress out of creating a plan from the ground up. We also provide assistance in customizing the plan for your business.

Safety Walkthrough

A fresh set of eyes can often help identify potential job hazards. In certain circumstances, our team is available to come to your location and do a safety walkthrough with you.

Contact us to get started.

Safety Training

Participants have access to a wide array of safety trainings, on topics ranging from ergonomics, workplace violence awareness, implementing your APP and preventing slips, trips and falls. 

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